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Father Joshua
Spiritual Healer ~ Psychic Surgeon

Father Joshua has helped thousands of people over the last thirty years suffering with many types of illness and disease restore their health and well-being with his gift of psychic surgery. Over 65% of the people Father Joshua works on, have a life threatening illness. He feels great satisfaction each time he is able to help assist a person return back to a life free from illness and emotional pain. Click here for a list of illnesses addressed.

"I have spent over two decades try to heal my life and never found any who so effectively helped me clear away from depression, fatigue, confusion and balance my physical health. His healings are so subtle and gentle in nature that they are incomprehensible and incomparable to anything else. He ceaselessly gives and gives to any who is in need."        L.S. Cherryville, B.C.

Father Joshua’s Philosophy is quit simple… No Band-Aids Approach To Healing

As a Spiritual Healer Father Joshua understands there are many ways to heal and take care of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. His success in working with people with various illness and disease from A-Z, is attributed to the basic understanding of not putting on band-aids. Getting to the root cause of why the illness or injury is there in the first place. Depending on where the injury or illness is in the body will give you clues to the emotional issues that are stored within the body. By releasing the anger, judgment, fear and most of all insecurity, the body balance is restored. By addressing the root cause of the illness, it has been Father Joshua’s experience that All Illness Is Curable. Only through forgiveness of self and others can we be truly free.

The Gift - Filipino Psychic Surgery

Psychic surgery, sometimes known as bare handed surgery, is the Philippine's native healing art. Filipino healers are known around the world for this unique healing gift, passed down through family bloodlines. In their practice, they combine ancient spiritually with Christian beliefs.

The Healers of the Philippines come from two major areas in the northern province of Luzon. They all receive the awareness of the gift they have when they are young children or teenagers.

Their healing gift is the ability to open the body with their bare hands without the use of surgical instruments or anesthesia. The technique is well documented in film and by modern scientists, but how it works is an enduring mystery.

During psychic surgery, people have reported experiencing warmth, a feeling of euphoria, mild to intense releases both physically, emotionally, and spiritual insights - all with little to no pain other than a feeling of slight pressure on the body where they are touched. The healing continues to heal the illness for days, and many weeks later.

Father Joshua makes no promise that someone can and will be healed. Miraculous healing miracles happen everyday. The Gift Father Joshua has allows God’s Healing Energy to pass through him to those in need. Over the past thirty years Father Joshua has been witness to many, many thousands of miracle. He has seen the blind see, the sick be well, the crippled walk.

Father Joshua works around your clothing, he just requests that you come dressed in loose clothing (no one piece dresses) and be in a prayerful state.


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